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  1. Week 7- Easter Holidays

    Wednesday, 27 March 2013

      Progress this week has slowed somewhat as it is now the Easter holidays and most of the group have gone home to be with their families. As well as this we have all been spending the week catching up with other Uni work, as for the last couple of months we've put everything else on a back burner to focus on the Crytek project. On top of this, we have stumbled across several issues with importing our new, fully textured buildings into Cry. Issues such as improper smoothing groups, wrongly named proxies, xforms that weren’t reset have inevitably slowed progress and set us back by a couple of days.
      Regardless, there are a few small jobs we have each managed to do for the project, and they are as follows:
    Joe Dempsey has spent the week finishing off the modelling of his buildings, as his job of creating gravestones a few weeks ago set him back from the rest of the group and caused his building models to remain unfinished up to this point.

      Dom Bell has also spent the week modelling extra buildings, as well as getting said buildings unwrapped and texture ready.
      Dan Hargreaves has spent the week getting his buildings ready for importing into Cry.

      Chelsea Lindsay has been working from home, creating concepts for props (unfortunately she is without a computer at home)

    Luc Fontenoy has spent the week helping us ready our buildings for import, and has also been figuring out how to create additional light sources. On top of this, he has been working on his church models and has been arranging what buildings we have been able to export into Cry.

    I (Dan Peacock) have been working on getting my buildings ready for import, and have also been working on other small jobs such as creating updated terrain textures and small props such as leaf piles etc.

      I can imagine that the next couple of weeks will also be a bit slow progress wise as we all have other work to be focusing on. But once the Easter holidays are over we will be back on form and working at full capacity.

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