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  1. More First Hand Reference - Joe Dempsey

    Thursday, 14 March 2013

    Last week I was able to find some time to spend a few hours in and around Leicester City center with my camera, on the look out for any reference that may be of value for the group, both with modelling and texturing.

    After being set with the task of modelling the modular church ground assets, I was quite keen on visiting various churches dotted around the city center, some actually quite close to the DeMontfort University campus, and not to forget Leicester Cathedral. Another area of particular interest, right around the corner from the Cathedral coincidentally! was the Leicester Guild Hall. The Guild Hall is a wonderfully preserved timber framed building, dating back almost 600 years and a perfect example of the type of building the team are hoping to depict on the 17th Century streets of London.

    After a few hours I had taken almost 300 pictures, some particularly for use as reference for modelling and plenty of images which will be a fantastic source of reference now that the team are beginning the texturing process.

    Below are a selection of images from the day's catch!

    Preliminary texture examples will soon be posted, shortly followed with examples of the textured models in CryENGINE so make sure you keep looking back for updates!

    Leicester Cathedral - Joe Dempsey


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