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  1. Week 4- Map Construction Under Way

    Saturday, 2 March 2013

    Last week our goal was to build two basic modular houses (or in Luc's case, churches) each. However, due to a few technical issues, some of the buildings weren't ready to be put into CryEngine by the deadline. As such, this week most of us have worked on updating the models and making sure that they can be properly imported into the editor. As well as this, we have also all been given a few individual tasks to complete.
      I (Dan Peacock) have been working on textures, and have also put together an Art Guide; which details how we could give each different area of the map a separate colour palette, in order to make said area appear more varied and therefore more visually interesting. It also includes reference material and other resources that will hopefully prove useful as the project progresses.

       Dominic Bell has been working on prop models such as boxes, barrels etc. 
       Dan Hargreaves has been working on modelling and texturing terrain for the level.
      Joe Dempsey has been modelled several grave stones for the churches, and has also put together an asset list, as well as a list of jobs that each of us have completed for the project so far. The job list is mainly for the tutors; so that they can see how much each of us have contributed to the development of the project. And as for the asset list; it should help us organize and plan our work out; which is something we have been struggling with recently.

    Luc Fontenoy has been working in the CryEngine editior; arranging the building models we've produced to match up with the map reference we collected in week 2. He has also been experimenting with terrain painting in CryEngine, as well as a few other CryEngine features such as rain and colour grading. Colour grading in particular will be very useful in giving each separate area it's own colour palette.

    Chelsea Lindsay has created a whitebox of the docks, based on a couple of concepts she produced earlier this week. It should help Luc to decide on the arrangement the buildings and walkways when we begin to model the docks to be used in the level.

      Tomorrow our group will be heading to York in order to gather first hand reference of 17th century buildings. It should prove to be a highly useful and insightful trip.


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