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  1. Going up North

    Wednesday, 6 March 2013

    Joe got a Minibus licence especially for the occasion, so to show our thanks we all fell asleep

    Within 10 minutes of walking, we quickly found buildings and housing that was more than substantial for what we were aiming to achieve. The Shambles of York were the focus point of the days visit as they represented the tight narrow streets and unbalanced houses we are building for our level. The whole of the city was abundant with reference and the architecture was well aged. Another prominent feature was the number of churches and cathedrals which was beneficial for Luc (least I hope it was).

    At last weeks meeting we discussed moving forward on the texturing point of view, to expand our current collection of tiling textures and so on. Dan Peacock put together a Art Brief detailing a recommended art palette, how certain areas should have certain primary colours depending on their location. Building and terrain textures are currently one of our primary priorities, so the reference from York has aided our team members in that area.

    Luc's suggested improvements to my buildings

    Our level in CryEngine is really beginning to take shape now, with the terrain now altered and a whitebox Tower bridge and South Bank included, it's starting to expand beautifully. Whilst some of us are making adjustments to our modular buildings, such as improving the skeletal structure in my case, we are looking into concepting the streets neighbouring Pudding Lane. This is to give some form of identity to them as we do not want every street looking the same, of course the distribution and types of props shall help us in this case as well, something else which I am working on currently.

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