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  1. 'Prop'erly Equipped

    Thursday, 18 April 2013

    A couple of weeks ago the streets of our level were empty, making it all seem rather bland. But now the team has produced a variety of assets; some of which have already been imported into CryEngine, making a tremendous change.

    Luc has produced a variety of assets; starting with a couple of trees with varying foliage, a series of lanterns, a rope texture, and best of all: created dynamic cast shadows and flickering light! This is a big boon for us since we have been wanting to create some artificial light to Illuminate our streets since we're going with a dull bleak sky.

    Prior to the holidays I (Dom) had made 32 initial props which were divided amongst myself and the Dans. My chosen props were three market stalls, two four tables, two baskets, one birdcage, one hutch and a kegstand.

    Dan Peacock went for two wheelbarrows, two boxes, one cart, a set of gallows, one crate and a brazier. Furthermore a rat has been modelled as we hope to animate swarms of them to scurry across the level.
    Dan Hargeaves chose three sacks, two barrels (with much enthusiasm!) one haybale and a bucket.

    Chelsea has produced merchandise for the crates, boxes and stalls; in the form of fruit and fish.
    Furthermore after we received feedback from third years, we have concluded that we not that pleased with the lighting currently in the level, so the global lighting and the time of day settings shall be edited. While this is for the better, personally I think its a shame since that sky we had really set the tone for that period of time.
    Now excluding a week for tweaks and bug tests, we have two weeks worth of modelling time remaining. With the streets assembled and the asset production coming to a close, our priorities are now on the docks and the bridge entrance; we have said throughout the project that we want to include them. So we're buckling down and making these last few weeks count.
    Also on a non-work yet still project related note, last week during a stay up in London I achieved what we as a team were unable to do whilst there due to time limitations: Visit the source of our level for real, Pudding Lane and the Monument.

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