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  1. The main bulk of this week’s work was textures. We also made progress with props to fill out the environment. We also solved some technical issues with the engine.
    After the last few weeks of collecting first hand references from York and Leicester and a large handful of concepts we decide it was time to start creating the textures for the houses.  3 of us (Dan Hargreaves, Dan Peakcock and Joe Dempsey) divided up all the textures between us.

    I (Dan Hargreaves) as well as Joe Dempsey  took on the tiling textures. I produced the large bricks, small red bricks, rough stone and roof tiles. While Joe produced rough stone, zig zag red bricks, 4 types of wood and the plaster. As me and Joe had the same job, we had to constantly stay in contact with each other to make sure our textures stayed consistent with each other’s. We also helped each other with the tiling texture workflow and tools so we could both quickly produce the textures needed.

    Dan Peacock took on the task to create the non-tiling textures, such as the doors and windows. He produced 8 different doors allowing us to have a large variety to play with. Along with the doors he produced 4 different windows. He made enough room between the windows and doors  so he could create some general textures, such as concrete and metal.


    Chelsea has used this week to produce a wide variety of hanging sign concepts, and is making her way through producing the 3D models of them. She made several types of metal frames with several wooden signs. This allowed her to mix and match between all of these assets to create various unique signs . To be as authentic as possible she went through Samuel Pepys diary to get a list of actual business/companys around the time we are basing our level on. She also started work on posters which we can place on the sides of buildings which give a greater sense realism.

    Luc has been finishing off his churches, producing 2 different churches which we can place throughout the area to reflect how important religion was to the people of London at the time. He is doing a great job of learning all the inside and outs of the Cryengine which is allowing us to show our work at its best. He managed to get the Decals working which will let us place patches of dirt to break up the repetitiveness of the tilling textures. He has also made headway the terrain system.

    Dom has used this week to finish up his props. He has create various props which we can use to litter the streets with. Having these props in the environment will  change the city from a ghost town into a city which is being lived in and shows that quality of life of the inhabitants too.

    We are looking to have all our buildings fully textured and in engine next week. Check back for the update.

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