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  1. Week 3 - Concepting and Presentations

    Thursday, 21 February 2013

    Last week we set ourselves the task of getting some concepts ready in the form of mood paintings, architectural designs and more detailed white boxes in the hope of moving swiftly onto the modelling stage.

    Tavern Concept - Chelsea Lindsay
    Street concept - Joe Dempsey
    Mood Paintin - Daniel Peacock
    Pudding Lane - Joe Dempsey
    Mood concept - Joe Dempsey
    Mood Painting - Luc Fontenoy
    We feel we've captured the mood we want to create really well in these pieces, a dark and gloomy representation of the narrow london streets, where everything is dirty and plague ridden. At the start of the week however we were all over the place with regards to what areas we were each concepting. The idea was to each cover one area of London and build up some ideas, but we realised that instead we should all focus our efforts onto one area at a time, blocking them out quickly and building up detail, then moving on until we have a substantial amount of 17th century London covered.

    Right now we're focusing our efforts on the area around Pudding Lane, and we'll branch out from there as we progress

    As a group, we were very happy with how the presentation went and the feedback we received, despite being slightly unprepared. We got out point across, and we feel our ideas, although ambitious, are very achievable.

    The plan for this week is to begin modelling and each have a modular asset completed by the end of the week, so we can start blocking out the street. We also need to delve into Cryengine a bit more and get our heads around it.

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