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  1. Week 2 - Visit to the British Library

    Wednesday, 13 February 2013

     From left to right: Joe Dempsey, Dom Bell, Chelsea Lindsay, Luc Fontenoy, Dan Hargreaves and Dan Peacock

    Kickstarting the project, this week we took a trip to London to visit the British Library and were given a fascinating tour of the building and some of it's history.

    But best of all we got the chance to see some maps of London in the 1600's up-close!

    Above: We took hundreds of photographs of each of the maps to use as reference material

    We spent a great deal of time scanning and surveying the maps, gathering details about the scale, architecture and layout of the area we were interested in. Some of the maps offered us a new perspective (Literally, in some cases!) and inspired some great ideas from each of us.

    It was a particularly good time for us to communicate properly and really get a plan of what we can aim to achieve with our project, tossing ideas back and forth and using the maps in front of us to clarify our points.

    One point of discussion was the level of detail of the area we would make. The most sensible solution we came to was that we would prioritise detail in a sort of sphere of influence starting at Pudding Lane and working outwards. To elaborate, the streets of London are going to be the highest concentration of our efforts, as this area is the most important for telling our interpretation of the history. Lower priority would be the bridge and the tower, which we would make low detail versions made to be viewed as interesting features of the horizon.

    So today, we made an effort to set ourselves individual goals for next week.
    This week, the goals are primarily focused around getting ideas fleshed out into actual concepts and visualizations, which we will bring together to help establish plans for a consistent art style.

    We have some generalistic ideas so far about what we expect this to be; a gloomy, depressed pre-fire London, ridden with plague and filth and a sheet of misted pollution. However, we need to illustrate them to clarify exactly what different visual approaches we have towards them. 

    Lots of great concepts coming soon, so watch this space!

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