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  1. Week 1 - Initial Ideas

    Monday, 11 February 2013

    After being assigned the brief for this huge project, each of the Pudding Lane group were overloaded with ideas about how we could begin.

    With so many different thoughts and plans buzzing about our heads, we established that the most productive use of time this week would be to each gather reference material and represent it through moodboards, concepts, 3d and written prose to lay down a scope of the ideas from us six artists, giving us a grounds to start the structured concepting stage next week.

    Here's some of our visually communicated ideas we produced!

    London Streets - Mood painting by Luc Fontenoy

    London was an incredibly dirty and plague ridden place to be in the 1600's. With this artwork, we can see how we could recreate this atmosphere through moody lighting, claustrophobic streets and lots of grimey accents.
    Modular/Generic Buildings - (Top) Luc Fontenoy (Bottom) Joe Dempsey

    In regards to modelling strategy, we have established that an efficient and effective way to mass produce non-landmark buildings would be to learn to build structures in a modular method, creating a variety of tier and texture options that would then theoretically mix and match in an infinite possibilty of combinations without having to build each of the many buildings uniquely.

    Basic white box of London - Chelsea Lindsay

    I produced a basic white box of the area of London we had considered to produce, which was useful in seeing exactly what we could potentially create. From this, we have first hand basic reference for a paintover/concept, as well as some idea of potential scale. Its also a good medium for communication, as we can navigate it and express thoughts and opinions to each other much quicker with something visual in front of us.

    On the non-concept art side, we have together been contributing to a growing library of reference images, links and articles, which will also be invaluable to use throughout the project.

    Next week we are planning to travel down to London to visit the British library and hopefully get some good reference material by seeing some detailed maps of the area at the time firsthand.

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