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  1. Over the last few weeks our level has grown significantly in scale and in quality, but one problem we have encountered that has been mentioned in previous posts is the majority of the level looking very similar. There has been multiple suggestions for trying to combat this issue such as colour grading specific areas of the level, the inclusion of smaller prop assets should help break areas up and finally modelling a selection of unique buildings.

    Chelsea Lindsay has already begun this process by building a selection of unique tavern buildings to place around the level as well as various unique signs based on actual documented buildings from various sources souch as the diary of Samuel Pepys, and whilst it has been my job throughout the project to plan and produce concepts for Pudding Lane I was happy to take on the important job of designing and building the model for Farriner's (or Faynor) bakery which is located on Pudding Lane. The bakery bears some significance to our project for a number of reasons, first of all our teams name 'Pudding Lane Productions' and the fact that our level has expanded outwards from Pudding Lane. As well as this Thomas Farriner was actually the Kings appointed baker, but most importantly Thomas Farriner's bakery on Pudding Lane is the location in which the Great Fire of London is said to of started.

    More information on Thomas Farriner can be found here;

    The team wanted the bakery to be unique but not stand out so much that it looked out of place in our level. That in mind I tried my best to design the bakery using the materials and textures we had been using. I also wanted to the building to have an interesting shape, although not unimaginable, as well as considering the inclusion of some important elements such as where the shop sign would be placed, chimneys,  large display windows etc. Thankfully I had managed to gather some invaluable reference during our visit to York as well as throughout the project. Below are my initial sketches, final concept, renders of the model and examples of the model in the engine.

    My initial sketches of Farriner's Bakery building designs 
    Final concepts for Farriner's Bakery including various ideas for props to be placed outside
    You might notice from the renders of my final model below that the bottom right window is slightly different. This is because I've also included an alpha channel in this one window with a simple interior inside, including doors, stairs and a simple oven. Once in engine, Luc Fontenoy has said he will be able to place lights inside the room and inside the oven to give the impression that the bakery is being used during gameplay.
    Orthographic renders of the final model

    And below is a selection of the final bakery model in engine in our level. The team struggled to find any reference in relation to where the actual bakery was situated on Pudding Lane so when Luc Fontenoy put the model into our level he placed it about half way along the street. In the screen shots you can see some of the bakery specific props starting to populate the surrounding area built by Dan Hargreaves and Dom Bell as well as the unique bakery sign that Chelsea Lindsay has designed.


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