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    Friday, 26 April 2013

    Hey all!

    Despite having street upon street of our London fully built and explorable now, the level is still looking a bit empty and similar  So to avoid creating what is essentially a very pretty labyrinth right now, our top priority was cranking out more and more prop assets again this week.

    I've (Chelsea) been making a bit of an assorted collection of smaller assets to add a little bit more interest to some of our streets.

    Farriner's Bakery Board - I made the texture with composite layers, so  I left my  layer details on the render for Luc. But since we're not really sure how to translate to Cry, I'm probably gonna have to remake this simpler. Doh.

    Stray planks - Tudor streets were lined with these for use as pathways amongst the mud and filth.
    Tavern signs and the sign for Farriner's Bakery. Based off real documented taverns.
    Market Cross

    Fish Stall Set-up - I've started merging my produce assets with our stalls to create individual merchants
    Joe's been on building duty this week, tackling the docks area in particular as we had yet to replace our warehouse placeholders.

    He made two more wooden textures for use on the warehouses as well as any of our other upcoming props

    Storage shed

    Warehouse building

    Full selection of Dock buildings

    Dan Hargreaves has been focusing on ground details in particular, such as remaking the cobblestones and making grass.

    New and improved - The previous cobblestones looked a bit more like beach pebbles in our level, so this new texture was a much needed upgrade
    Planes of grass, which blow in the breeze and add a little more movement and life to our level.
    Misc - Guts and Manure. Nice surprises to find in our streets.
    A standard crate - for use basically everywhere.
    Dan Peacock has been working on butchery assets in particular such as meats and carcasses. In particular, he's been spending a lot of time making a high detail pig to draw a bit more interest to our butchers.
    Draining pig - appetising
    Dom's been on smaller clutter props, such as various tools and utensils to scatter around some of the corners of our level and outside specialist buildings.

    Bakery goods


    Blacksmith utensils

    Luc's mostly been improving our lighting and importing/placing our props as they are made, but he's also took up the responsibilty of constructing London Bridge and the gate in particular.

    Concept of London Bridge - The gate.
    He also made a brick texture especially for the bridge.
    Lighting upgrade - new shadows and cubemaps are making our level look a lot more atmospheric and a lot less flat.


  2. 6 comments:

    1. Ruty said...

      This whole project is AMAZING guys! I am a London guide and historian , this is so brilliant and really brings the past to life, would love to see more! Medieval London perhaps? Well done!

    2. kees said...

      Absolutely awesome! If second life looked like this, I would go back there immediately.

      One question: what is the music you used for the video?

    3. Ishine4God said...

      I agree! This was beautiful and interesting to watch, and I loved the music, too!

    4. wendyvainity said...

      still continue to be amazed by this! adding it as Google Earth historical virtual tour would also be an awesome idea and as for an interactive game, I might even open Cryengine that has been sitting untouched on my harddrive if it were made available.

    5. Tricia Roush said...

      This was great. My daughter would like to know the music used in the background. She thought it was lovely and wants to learn to play it.

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